Classes in Divinity: Original Sin form the basis of the two Source Hunters Abilities, Attributes, Skills and Talents. Additionally it determines the two Hunters weapons and armour.


In total there are eleven classes, which fall into one of three groups: Warrior, Mage and Survivor. Each class will allocate a total of 5 points to each player characters' Attributes.

Warrior classesEdit

Warrior classes focus primarily on physical attack and defence and as such, are best suited to close quarters combat.

Fighter male female

The fighter is a brutal warrior and expert in close combat. Focusing on single-handed weaponry, and Man-at-Arms skills, the fighter begins initially with Battering Ram, Melee Power Stance and Dust Devil. Allowing them to charge into battle, focus on hard hitting attacks and deal damage to those around them respectively. In addition to this, they also focus on shields, armour and body building to be able to withstand oncoming attacks.

Knight female and male

The knight is the two-handed counterpart to the fighter, focusing more on hitting hard with a large blade than defending themselves with a shield. They do however, balance this out with a focus on healing their comrades and encouraging them into battle.

Mage classesEdit

Mage classes abilities stem from the various magic schools, most prefer to use long range attacks or summons, with the exception of battlemages, who use a mixture of close and long range techniques.


Survivors rely in fast attacks and skills such as theft and lock picking to complete their objectives. Their primary interest is in their well-being and self preservation.

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