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Claws of Deceit is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Found in Orivand's Chambers, in Fort Joy Dungeons, Second Floor


Claws of Deceit

Since I was a young girl, my mother always used the name of the Lone Wolves to strike fear into my heart.

'Bed by eight,
Don't be late,
When hoots the owl,
The wolves will prowl.'

Where other children from the upper parts of Arx played Magisters versus Black Ring, in our lowly district we only played a game called 'Contract': each taking turns to be the Lone Wolf hunting assination targets.

Little was I to know that years later, I'd be pluck from those very streets by their leader: Roost Anlon himself!

Oh, I had fallen on hard times time. The hardest. I was but a scullery girl in the chambers of Lord Linder Kemm, forever trying to steer clear of his harridan wife, Paulina.

Well, I met the handsome roost - of, so handsome! - one night as I dutifully scurried home from market with the fresh tea leaves Lady Paulina had ordered. Pay no heed to any other rumours you may have heard; it was at the market I met him and no mistake.

He sidled up to me, all bright teeth and cheekbones. By the time I found out he was a Lone Wolf, it was too late. He already had the keys to Kemm's mansion, all the good silverware... and my heart.

Now, let me tell you how it all happened...

Now, let me tell you how it all happened...

[All of the following pages were ripped from the book by a violent hand.]