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Close to the Bone is a side quest given by the ghost of Velanir at Keara's Flying Fortress Headquarters in the Orobas Fjords.

Quick walkthrough[]

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Detailed walkthrough[]

Shortly after entering the headquarters you encounter Keara and Velanir. He talks to you about how horrible it is being trapped there. You have two options towards the end of the conversation:

  1. Ask the ghost to accompany you. This accepts the quest.
  2. Refuse to help him, leading to an immediate fight with Velanir and forfeiting the quest.

Proceed to explore the headquarters, find the five statues (see map below), and correctly identify them to unlock the door to Keara's chambers. If you mindread Keara earlier you've learned that the statues lie. The solution is found on the Keara's Flying Fortress page.

Once inside Keara's chamber, you need to convince her to let her husband's spirit go. Tell her that her husband is with you, and convince her by telling her something only Velanir could know. You'll get three dialogue choices that result in the following outcomes:

  1. (Say her husband never liked her) Keara tries to get rid of the skeleton and Velanir will join you in attacking her.
  2. (Say he wants to meet her at the Hall of Echoes) Keara will set her husband free and will attack you alone.
  3. (Say they should be soul forged) Keara soul forges Velanir into the skeleton and they both attack you together.