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Closed Circuit is an aerotheurge skill in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Deal air damage around you and create cursed static clouds at the edge of the area of effect.



Following table shows all NPCs who are guaranteed to sell hydrosophist spellbooks, with their location and coordinates in the right column, from them. The location shown in the table (and the coordinates) are only for the initial location the NPC is in. Note that some of these may have other spell/skillbooks and goods to sell. Almira may follow the Godwoken on Lady Vengeance if her demands are met. Also note that Lizard Dreamer requires a persuasion check to be passed in order to speak with him, otherwise he (and the whole encampment) will turn hostile.

  • Note: This spell is also sold by Hannag at Cloisterwood, however she sells only expert tier spells of combat abilities. She is therefore not exclusive aerotheurge trader.
Trader Location (x, y) Trader Location (x, y)
Gawin Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Fort Joy
(182, 166)
Gratiana Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Sanctuary of Amadia
(431, 18)
Almira Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
Paradise Downs
(707, 391)
Ovis Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Driftwood Square
Elf Stormchanter Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Elf Stormchanter
Elven camp
(509, 314)
Water Incarnate Icon (Original Sin 2)
Trayde the Merchant
Temple of Tir-Cendelius
(259, 914)
Lizard Dreamer Definitive Icon (Original Sin 2)
Lizard Dreamer
Black Ring encampment
(238, 750)
Aravae Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
The Cathedral
(313, 354)
Friel Definitive Portrait (Original Sin 2)
The Cathedral
(318, 363)