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Cluster Grenade is a type of grenade in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Cluster Grenade is a throwable grenade that deals fire damage and inflicts Burning (Original Sin 2) Burning Status (for 1 turn) in 3 meter radius, if the Magic Armour Icon (Original Sin 2) Magic Armour of affected characters reaches 0. Additionally this grenade creates a fire surfaces at the area of impact (3 meters) and has a 1 meter explosion radius.

All characters can throw this grenade. The damage of the grenade depends on Pyrokinetic ability and can be further increased by Huntsman which boosts the damage bonus provided by height difference.

Since Cluster Grenade is a grenade it is affected by Ambidextrous talent which decreases the cost of using grenades and scrolls by 1 AP when the secondary hand is free. Cluster Grenade is also affected by Slingshot which increases its range by 5 meters and by Far Out Man talent which increases range by 2 meters.


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Cluster Grenade


Following table shows all items for which this item is used for.

Item Type Item Type
Cursed Cluster Grenade
Cursed Cluster Grenade