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Collect Herbs for George is a secondary quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Speak to George.
  • Optional: get permission from Lanilor to enter the garden.
  • Enter Lanilor's garden.
  • Speak to Otho.
  • Collect the drudanae.
  • Give the drudanae to George.

Detailed walkthough[]

The quest begins by talking to George in Aleroth, who asks Lucian to bring him some herbs from Lanilor's garden. In George's room there is an example of the herb, drudanae.

After leaving George's shop, head northwest to Lanilor's home; his garden is to the west of the house. At this point, either go to the garden directly or enter Lanilor's home and ask him for permission, which he will grant on account of Lucian rescuing him. He will give a warning about drudanae and its addicting effects.

Regardless of if he was spoken to, enter the garden to find the drudanae. If permission has not been sought to enter the garden from Lanilor, Otho will approach Lucian and ask them what they are doing in the garden; Lucian's reputation with Otho will drop as a result.

Once Otho leaves, if Lucian wasn't able to collect the drudane beforehand, collect the herbs and return to George.


  • 500XP
  • +60 reputation with George