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Collect Herbs for George is a secondary quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Sidequest: Collect Herbs for George
Speak to George
Enter Lanilor's garden
Speak to Otho
Collect the drudane
Give the drudanae to George
Reward: 500 XP

Detailed walkthough Edit

The player starts the quest by talking to George in Aleroth. George asks the player to bring him some herbs from Lanilor's garden. In George's room in the east of his store is an example of the herb, drudane.

After leaving Georges shop, head northwest to Lanilor's garden. at the top of the garden, near the centre, the drudane can be found. If this is the first time entering the garden, Otho will approach the Hero and as them what they are doing in the garden.

Once Otho leaves, if one wasn't able to collect the drudane before hand, collect the herbs and return to George.


  • 500XP
  • Positive reputation with George.