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Divinity 2 Come To No Harm Ministry rift

Ministry rift

Come To No Harm part of the main quest Hall of Echoes Bound. You travel to Aleroth to recover an artifact made by Maxos that shields its possessor from the forces inside the Hall of Echoes, crafted from the same metal as the sigil that will open it. It was said to be buried somewhere beneath Aleroth.


The only way to Aleroth is by zeppelin, so talk to Sepp atop Champion Harbour in the Orobas Fjords to be transported there.

Proceed north through Aleroth, up the elevator, and continue further north to find Augustus outside the Ministry in the Great Market district. Speak to him to be granted permission to use the nearby waypoint shrine to enter the Ministry (you can also mindread him to gain one stat point).

Here you'll meet two wizards, Zandalor and Deodatus. They'll ask for your assistance in closing the Ministry's rifts. Tell Zandalor that you are not ready, then speak to him again, and you can mindread him for 2 skill points.

Divinity 2 Come To No Harm Zandalor and Deodatus

Zandalor and Deodatus

Once you tell him you are ready, you must protect him from getting hit by any monster for a fixed amount of time. For the first couple of portals this is only 15 seconds. For later portals it is increased to 60 seconds. A single hit on Zandalor causes him to start over, resetting the timer. Deodatus will help protect him, but calling your creature and summoning any help (Summon Demon, Summon Ghost, Summon Undead) will make this easier to accomplish.

You will receive the Shield quest item when all the rifts are closed, completing the quest. This awards the "Shielded" achievement. Original version: afterwords you can mindread Deodatus to let him sell you all of the Ultimate formulas. Dragon Knight Saga version: You can mindread Deodatus after completing the quest to purchase some powerful, but pricey, unique equipment.

While you're here, be sure to take the Dragon Skill Book from an upstairs desk (north side), and loot the upstairs chest (south side) for the Crystal Dragon Claws Piece.


  • 8500 exp and 1200 gold
  • Two choices of: 4250 exp, 600 gold, 1 charm, 1 armor, or 1 weapon


  • If you use the Way of the Ranger skill, you will find that Deodatus constantly cancels it and replaces it with a warrior skill. This can make it difficult to successfully protect Zandalor using a ranged weapon. To avoid this, simply keep yourself as far away from Deodatus as possible.