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This subtle but powerful skill adds a special ability to other sorceries you cast: each time one of your offensive spells hits an opponent, it has a chance of stunning that opponent for a while, stripping him of effectiveness in battle.
skill description

Confusion is a Mage skill that can be used by the Dragon Knight in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.


Confusion is a passive Mage skill that adds a chance to stun enemies to other skills. Due to its nature, once taught, it is always in effect.

Note: The 9 level of this skill is hard to attain as it requires level 47.  Most players will not reach this level by the time the game is complete.


Skill Level Chance to Stun On Hit Duration (seconds)
1 5 2
2 6 3
3 7 3
4 8 4
5 9 5
6 10 7
7 11 8
8 12 8
9 13 9
10 14 9
11 15 10
12 16 10
13 17 10
14 18 10
15 20 10


  • Characters created in the main campaign (Ego Draconis) can reach only level 9 of this skill. If you put at least 6 points into this skill during character creation if Flames of Vengeance, it will set level cap to 10.
  • Skill levels from 11 to 15 can be obtained only via console.
  • In addition to spells, the skill bonus applies to the enchantments with magic damage, such as Magic Damage Aura, Damage Aura and Static Charge Aura.
  • Although the skill description implies interaction with offensive spells, the skill also applies to Curse, which has no damage.