Consumables are items in Divinity II: Ego Draconis that can be used only once and will disappear. They consist of charms, foods, drinks, potions, and skill / stat books.

Charms Edit

Charms are items that boost the capability of the selected weapon, jewelry, and armour. There are a dozens types of charms; most boost the player's stats, but some increase damage or damage resistance. There are five quality levels of charms, ranging from lesser to divine.

Foods Edit

Foods are consumable items which heal hit points (HP). Foods are not essential in the game, but they are quite useful at the early of the game in lieu of using a more costly potion. Food can be often be obtained at NPC's houses (usually on tables). There are many types of food, such as fruits, cooked dishes, and grains.

Drinks Edit

Drinks typically boost the player's mana. Like foods, drinks give players a little boosting that is useful primarily early in the game instead of using a potion. Examples of drinks include water, beer, and liquors.

Potions Edit

Potions can be an adventurer's best friend. There are different types of restorative potions, including: mana, healing, and rejuvenation (mana and hitpoints). Others provide a temporary stat boost (strength, dexterity, or intelligence) or armor rating boost. There are ten different grades of potions, ranging from limited to ultimate.

Skill / Stat Books Edit

Skill Books grant an extra skill point when used. Stat Books grant an additional stat point.

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