General Alix has asked me to deliver a sealed message to Captain Mitox. This renowned war veteran can be found encamped just west of the destroyed village near the dukedom's southern border, where he is currently fending off an Orc attack

–Quest Log

Contact Captain Mitox is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Objective Edit

Give Captain Mitox the sealed message from General Alix.

Walkthrough Edit

General Alix has asked the player to deliver a sealed message to Captain Mitox in the ruined village. Upon arrival there are Orcs which the player may choose to kill. Captain Mitox is usually in or around he general store.

Quest NPCs Edit

General Alix - Quest Giver

Captain Mitox

Quest Items Edit

Sealed Message

Trivia Edit

  • Reading the Sealed message before giving it to Captain Mitox will result in the Captain being angry with you.
  • If heading to the Village from the road that leads South from the Barracks the player will run into a villager who, if given some gold will tell the player about a secret hatch that leads directly to the Orc Camp and marks it on their map.
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