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Cordelia, Reanimator is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition).

Quick Walkthrough[]

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Detailed Walkthrough[]

This quest appears only in Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition). In Hunter's Edge you will find a woman named Cordelia who is an immaculate necromancer. She found a way to reanimate skeletons back to life. The two merchants, Hortun and Charla, whom you should have met before (Hortun in front of Hunter's Edge and Charla on Cyseal's Beach) are her work.

  • Find Cordelia's Diary inside of Hortun and Charla's shop at the south end of Hunter's Edge.
  • Get the Small Bone Totem From Cordelia (buy/steal/loot). (in "War of the Stones" she will fight against the orcs and probably get killed. It's easy to miss the totem in the loot, so maybe better get it before the fight)
  • Drag the Small Bone Totem on the ritual circle in the basement of Hortun and Charla's shop.
  • Speak with the Totem and decide if you want to free Hortun and Charla (+1 Romantic) or keep them as possible merchants (+1 Pragmatic).


  • Romantic +1 (and 2 merchants disappear)
    • Return to where Hortun was standing outside the entrance to Hunter's Edge to pick up his inventory and loot the pile of corpses that belonged to him
  • Pragmatic +1