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Beware stranger! Fight or run for your life!

Corinna Al'Meara[1] is a summoner in 1218 AD.


Corinna is a summoner living in Verdistis. She summoned a demon to learn It's secrets, but it broke loose. She bought a book written by Ragon, the archmage from a merchant called Mpenzak. In this book, along it's fourty page foreword concerning safety in summoning, Ragon stated that;

eating a straw hat and putting a tomato on you head during the summoning will help preventing demon from breaking out.

It didn't go as planned, and demon broke free. Lucian then had to kill the demon to save Corinna.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

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Related quests[]

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  1. Notice board of Verdistis : Are you interested in buying magic goods? Come to Corinna Al'Meara the Summoner.