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Corvus is a character in Divinity: Dragon Commander.


Corvus is a demon who previously sought and made deals to create discord and chaos on Rivellon. Eventually, he made a deal with a mysterious figure known only as 'The Architect' to take revenge on Emperor Sigurd, his former ally, by poisoning the woman they both loved (and the mother of the Commander). This led to the decline of the empire, setting in motion the civil war between the royal bastards.

At some point he was captured by the wizard Maxos, who trapped him in the heart of an airship called the Raven. Maxos would interrogate Corvus' mind, stealing knowledge and power which he would then give to the Dragon Commander. Despite his imprisonment, Corvus is still able to influence the dreams of the denizens of Rivellon, helping every side of the conflict with new war machines. He appears most clearly to Grumio, the Raven's resident inventor. Over the course of the war, Corvus can make deals with the Commander to grant resources in exchange for sacrificing his citizens or his queen.

Eventually, Corvus mentally takes control of any remaining enemy forces, revealing that his plan all along was to create a massive war and finish off the victor. He had always intended for the Commander to win, as in doing so he would become more powerful, and therefore grant Corvus more power if defeated. The strength of Corvus' betrayal is directly proportional to how many sacrifices he received. Corvus is ultimately defeated, as controlling the enemy troops caused him to split his mind between them; when the Commander killed one, that part of Corvus died, meaning that the Commander's victory had destroyed almost all of Corvus' power.

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