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The Council of Seven, or simply Council, are a faction featured in Divine Divinity and Divinity: Dragon Commander, with influence stretching across the entire series despite periods of inactivity.


The Council of Seven is a unified council made up of a magically-chosen representative from each of the seven races created by the seven gods; Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Lizards, Imps, Orcs, and Wizards, who aren't their own race but have their own goddess.

Behrlihn makes reference to a Council which opposed Chaos during the Wizard Wars, but it's unknown if this is the Council of Seven or a council of wizards in particular. Members included Zandalor and Bellegar. Maxos also worked with them, although as his primary concern was knowledge, he never joined them.

Divine Divinity Edit

A more recent Council of Seven was extant before the events of Divine Divinity, but was partially destroyed during their attempts to seal away the Sword of Lies. The remaining members, including Zandalor, went their separate ways.

During the events of Divine Divinity, Zandalor and the Hero rebuild the Council of Seven in order to help the Hero ascend as the Divine. The Hero seeks out all six remaining representatives (Zandalor returning to his role as the Wizard representative) and delivers them to the abandoned Council chambers. After the start of the Hero's ascent, however, Janus of Ferol arrives and kills all of the Council members except for Zandalor, who was saved by Arhu and Kroxy, who pretended to be dead.

Divine Divinity's Council members are:

Divinity: Dragon Commander Edit

A very early version of the Council appears in Dragon Commander. It is made up of six races instead of seven, as Orcs are not included, and one spot is taken by the Undead rather than Wizards. The Commander represents humans, and acts as the deciding vote as claimant to the Empire. It acts as the Commander's main political outlet, allowing him to make policy decisions and change his relations with the various races. If the Commander decides to abdicate the throne and create a Republic, the Council will act as a higher authority but will be run by the elected president.

Dragon Commander's council members are: