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The Council of Seven, also known periodically as the League of Seven,[1] are the magically assigned leaders of the seven races which were considered the most intelligent at the time of formation with influence stretching across the entire series despite periods of inactivity.


The Council of Seven is a unified council made up of a magically-chosen representative from each of the eight races created by the seven gods, less the demon race; humans, dwarves, elves, lizards, imps, orcs and wizards. Although wizards are not in themselves a specific race, as their ranks come from those of the others, the Council of Seven was so called as it "was easier to say than the 'council of six races and mishmash of magic users'".[1]

Although the origins of the council's first formation cannot be confirmed, the council has been in existence since Anno Rivellonis[2], as the party forming the Order of the Source Hunters. They were next recorder in existence in 611 AD as the League of Seven, with Ruben Ferol, the wizard leader taking the lead during Chaos' assault on Rivertown and Stormfist Castle, Dylan Ferol, for the humans, Jemthorn of the elves, Ulf Twohut for the dwarves, Grondtha of the lizards, Zakx of the imps and Go-Dar for the orcs. This council sacrificed their lives to seal Chaos back in the demon realm. Ralph succeeded Ruben as the leader of the wizards, although in constant battle with the Sword of Lies for control over his mind.[3] The replacement council members for the other six races are not recorded, and the only other recorded member from the 7th century is Zandalor, however it is not known if he immediately replaced Ralph or there was another in line before.

The council itself wasn't reformed after the passing of the members within the last council in the mid to late 600's, with Zandalor being the remaining living member of the Council in 1218 AD, as the appointed wizard council member. Council members themselves are appointed through the magic of the scrying stones in the northern part of the Council of the Seven, seated within the Tanoroth mountain range. During the reformation to prevent the resurrection of Chaos in 1218 AD Mardaneus was appointed for the humans, Bronthion D'Anthalis the elves, Antx imps, Kroxy orcs, Goemoe the lizards and Eolus Thunderstorm the dwarves. During Lucian's ascension to Divinity, Janus Ferol struck at the Council's meeting place and eliminated all but Kroxy, who played dead and Zandalor, who was rescued by Arhu. Since Lucian's ascension, there has been no record of a further formation of the council.


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