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Practically, we take various limbs from various dead species and combine them to make the ultimate brother-in-arms.
Naberius describes the process of creating a Creature

A Creature is a type of undead minion, commonly used as a Necromancer's pet or as an ally in battle. It is created by stitching together limbs taken from a variety of species.


There are 2 kinds of creatures in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga, enemy creatures, and the player's creature.

Enemy Creatures are rare but dangerous, often appearing in groups of various roles.

The Player's Creature is a unique ally that can be summoned by using a Crystal Skull. Unlike other summons, Creatures last indefinitely until they are either killed or unsummoned. Creatures are also unaffected by the skill Summon Mastery.

The Creature begins with a default set of low-quality limbs. New limbs of varying quality can be dropped rarely from the corresponding enemy, but can also be found in chests or be purchased from specialized limb vendors.

A creature's limbs can be swapped out at a Necromancer in order to modify its stats and skills, allowing the player to customize their Creature to suit whatever role is needed.

After the Creature is destroyed, it takes 60 seconds before it can be summoned again.