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In Rivellon, there are literally hundreds of different creatures, all sorted into species, level and class (example, level 11 Lesser Skeleton Mage). These species include humanoids, demons, undead and many others, though the most common species in Rivellon appear to be the goblins and skeletons.


Divinity 2 Stone

Black Ring (General Stone)


Undead abomination (D2 FoV creature)



Divinity 2 Ba'al Hall of Echoes

Demon (Ba'al)

  • Airborne Demon
  • Damian Dragon Fighter
  • Hellgate Demon
  • Lesser Creature
  • Memory Eater

Feral Other[]

Eareb (D2 FoV goblin character)

Goblin (Eareb)



Pig (Kevin)


Enemy races include summoners, necromancers, captains, sergeants, etc. Each enemy class is unique, though some higher ranking Black Ring soldiers such as Captains are multi-classed.

The Summoners are the same as necromancers, though instead of undead creatures such as skeletons, they often produce the same race as the summoner, but they are slightly weaker. Summoned enemies do not give experience or loot bags.

Captains only exist in 3 species, Black ring soldiers, Bandits and Dragon elves, Captains are usually a cross between Mages and Warriors, but in some, such as Bandits, they may be a cross of Rangers and Warriors.

Mages are wizards, specializing into magical attacks, a tip to beating them is to get close to them, as most run away to a range so they may cast another spell.

Warriors only use swords, axes or shields in the form of melee attacks, but do not think that jumping on top of a block of concrete or ruins is going to protect you as they may also cast spells when you are far away or out of their accessible areas.

Rangers are fully-ranged units that shoot from afar, only ever staying at a distance and running away when you draw too close; Bandit rangers and other species may also use poison or stun arrows.

Healers are similar to mages but can heal their comrades and use weaker magical attacks.

Class list:

  • Necromancer
  • Summoner
  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Captain
  • Master
  • Mage
  • Healer