General Edit

The Crossbow ability is used by Crossbow Rangers who focus on devastating critical attacks.

The enhanced edition distinguishes the crossbow skill by granting bonus critical strike chance and critical damage multiplier, rather than flat bonus damage. This makes it a very risk/reward weapon as it lacks the consistent damage of Bow weapons as well as requiring an extra action point to fire. Furthermore, since Expert Marksman skills cannot critically strike, investing in the Crossbow skill does not increase the damage of these abilities, forcing the user to focus on buffs such as Ranged Power Stance.

This makes the crossbow user very efficient at killing high-priority targets such as enemy archers or spell casters, often getting a one-hit-kill on squishy enemies. It is also a powerful strategy to buff these characters at the start of, or before a fight. Oath of Desecration and Wildfire can result in multiple enemies dying before they even get a single turn!

Scaling Edit

Crossbow Skill Level Critical Chance Bonus Critical Damage Multiplier
1 10% 220%
2 14% 240%
3 18% 260%
4 22% 280%
5 25% 300%

Unique Bows Edit

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