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Cursed Abbey is an abondoned abbey to the north of the Farmlands in the dukedom of Ferol.


An abandoned abbey originally owned by monks who were "rich, powerful, arrogant and ruthless". They hired the Engineer to lay traps in order to protect their secret documents, to prevent thefts and the extrapolation of their secrets.[1]

When this work was done, the monks trapped the Engineer in a magical cage that fed on the Engineer's life force in order to prevent him from releasing details about the traps. The Engineer cursed the monks in retaliation, turning them into undead. They roamed the abbey and would continue to do so until the Engineer was paid for his services.[1] By 1300 AD, the remnants of the abbey lay below the Crow's Nest district of the much expanded Aleroth.


Main floor[]

Since the abbey is abandoned, there's lich and moss, garbage, broken furniture, cobwebs and of course, a variety of monsters inside. To further increase the creepiness, there are totems inside near entrance. Undead (zombies and corpses) inhabit both sides of the exterior walls. The interior is guarded by varieties of steel skeletons and liches. There's also a human teleporter stone in the middle of the courtyard and torches along the walls which can be lit.

On the opposite side of the entrance is the altar room of the abbey; in the corner a mysterious halberd, that drains stamina when carried, can be found.

On the left the hallway leads to the three dormitories, consisting of seven beds. One room is locked, the key to which is on top of corner room's wardrobe. There's also a library.

To the right of the hallway is the dining hall, along with the kitchen and stairs to the lower part of the abbey.

The long hallway at the entrance of the lower part is littered with traps. After getting through the hallway, another passage with more liches and skeletons can be found. The door to the west is locked. A key lies near it but it is used elsewhere. To the south is a door which can be opened by a nearby lever. Behind this door are more steel skeletons. Further south is another lever, which opens the door seen before. Behind this door is the Engineer, the human teleporter activation scroll, a chest containing a Wizard's Sight skill book (openable with golden key found on barrels outside the room), and a strange amulet called Mardec.