Cyseal is a location in Divinity: Original Sin. It is both the name of a port town as well as the region in which it is located.


History Edit

The town was allegedly founded by a pair of adventurers and lovers named Cyrus and Sealia, who had discovered the region after leaving Ferol and sailing westward. After six months of travel the couple spotted land, and decided to name the region after themselves. The story of their discovery is the basis for the play Cyseal's Genesis.

Divinity: Original Sin Edit

The Source Hunters first arrive in Cyseal at Arhu's request to investigate the murder of Councillor Jake, one of the politicians who ran the town. Despite ostensibly being ruled by Cecil, the town's mayor, Aureus currently holds the real power as he's in charge of Cyseal's defense against the undead.

All four companions can be found in the town itself. Madora is in the King Crab Tavern, Jahan is at the library on the second floor of Mayor Cecil's house, Bairdotr is in a cage near Legionnaire barracks and Wolgraff is at the end of a cave running under Cyseal, most easily accessed from a buried entrance in the cemetery.

DOS Cyseal

Arhu's magical ballistae protect the city from the undead and orcs. Legion commander Aureus wants to prioritize eradicating the undead, who have been increasing tremendously over the last three years. The legion has narrowed the source of the undead to three places.

Related Quests Edit

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