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Cyseal's Genesis: A Play is a book in Divinity: Original Sin


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This excerpt from the traditional drama "Genesis of Cyseal" is commonly performed in the local theatre.

Most Cysealians, and even a few foreigners, are amply familiar with the tale and refuse to tolerate deviations from the scripts most know by heart.

The story goes that two adventurers (lovers, too), Cyrus and Sealia, sailed west from Ferol, knowing not weather they would find land on the other side.

They took with them sufficient provisions for five months of travel, but only during the last week of sixth month did they land upon the land they would come to call "Cyseal".

Sealia: Enough, Cyrus! I can't take another moment aboard this death-barge. I'm starving and I'm sick! Will we find no safe refuge from our travails?

Cyrus: My gods... could it be? There... look!

Sealia: What is it? Are we out of fresh water? Is there a leak in the hull?

Cyrus: Look, Seal-- there! Beyond the mist! It's... it's...

Sealia: Land!

Cyrus: Land, my sweet! Land at last! And we shall call it... Cyseal.