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Cyseal beach is the beach south of Cyseal and the initial landing point of Scarlett and Roderick.


This tranquil seeming beach became the landing point for the two Source Hunters who were sent to investigate the murder of Councillor Jake. Due to the orc invasion it was not possible at the time to moor at Cyseal's harbour.


Upon landing on the beach (X: 485, Y: 63) the path trails east then due north the wreckage of a ship against the western wall. As the Source Hunters reach the end of the shipwreck a crate can be seen on the right and past the ship the path forks to the west. Heading west will lead to the stairs off the beach, however, heading north will lead the party to the corpse of a man and a Rain scroll (X: 480, Y: 135). Searching the corpse will reveal the Traveler's Journal. Heading west from here will lead to two crates and a unique backpack (X: 463, Y: 137) containing the Rift Oglers, three Grumio's cotton candy dies, two cheese, a love grenade and a painting of a landscape. Continuing west leads to the stairwell that would be found if one had immediately turned to go west at the fork. One this part of the beach there are 15 shells scattered throughout.

Taking the stairs leads to a plateau with two stairways, on first reaching this plateau three red cloaked individuals will come down from the north western stairwell and summon three skeletons to delay the Source Hunter's whilst they make their escape. Taking the stairwell the individuals came from leads to Cyseal's ancient royal tomb, the stairwell ahead leads up and towards the river; the rear exit to the royal tomb is by the water and following the river south west will lead to the bridge made from the wreckage of a ship and the two drunken legionnaires Junius and Bibius stand guard with a copy of Crafting and Cooking with Maradino. Heading southwest at the crossroads and down the slope will lead back to the water's edge; going due west will lead to the Tranquil Beach Waypoint Shrine and a shovel. Heading southeast will lead to Ishmashell (X: 445, Y: 74). Heading north from the waypoint shrine leads back to the two guards and a dig spot (X: 378, Y: 79) along the way to the right. To the left near the wreckage south of the guards is two wooden crates and three branches.

After crossing the bridge where the two legionnaires are stationed, turn right for two bluegill mushrooms (X: 335, Y: 101) then double back and follow the path west and a battle on the beach below between the legion and orcs can be seen. Before the bend down to the beach there is a hammer on top of the water barrel and a tomato beside it. Upon reaching the bottom of the ramp the beach, an orc ship will land with an orc shaman, two young orc troopers and a black cultist disembarking to back up the orc trooper already on the beach. Once the orcs have been defeated, head to the left of the bridge to find a stardust herb under bush by the city wall and the bridge (X: 270, Y: 55), a chest (X: 263, Y: 44) and a burning ship. Crossing the bridge will grant access to Cyseal.