Description Edit

Dain is a Human male that Doctor Leste is caring for after he got into a brawl with a group of Griff's thugs.

Location Edit

Outside the Caverns with Doctor Leste.

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Extra Notes Edit

Doctor Leste will ask you to assist her in helping Dain recover, you can bring her a Beer for Dain to comfort his passing, you can forcefully put a potion in his mouth or you can use Restoration on him to instantly heal him.

If you save him he will give you The Sparkler Card or if he dies you can loot it off his body. You can use this card at the group of Griff's thugs playing cards on the wall near the entrance to the camp, if you use it you will automatically win and gain 200g (Ralvo - 100g v. - tactical mode).

You can get 500 (250+250) exp from doctor Lesher and 250 exp + Card from Dain if you heal him during dialog with doctor.