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Within these pages, Dallis describes a mysterious entity who understands power in the same way she does.

Dallis' Diary is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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...of course, I'd like to think that this makes sense, because all of this is for nothing if I lose my head. The only thing I can count on to guide me is my good sense. Without that, I'am no better than them.

Is it really as mad as it seems? We're so alike. There's a kinship there I've never felt before. I suppose history would paint me the same way it painted him, if I don't succeed. Dallis the tyrant, Dallis Rex.

Power is important. I said it to him in one form, and he said it back to me in another. Power is necessary in order to do great things. Worthy things. The only worthy thing. He knew that, and so do I. And heads break along the way. But in those shockwaves, something invaluable shakes loose.

I've never met anyone who understands this. What I wouldn't give to open those bars and go sit beside him, look straight into his eyes. I bet I'd see my own reflection in them.

What am I waiting for?

[Toward the end of the diary, one entry stands out. It is written in large, unkempt print - the same hand as before, but not the same mood.]

AMAZING. He's seen so much more in me than even I knew to look for. The form he has shown me... hard to believe I ever believed my wings were figurative.