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Damsel In Distress - Alina and undead (D2 FoV quest)

Alina cowers from undead creature

Damsel In Distress is a quest assigned by the Champion Servus at the Ministry in Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. It seems that his wife Alina was alone at their house in Crow's Nest when the undead began to rise, and he is worried that she may be trapped there. Since he cannot leave his post without being hanged for desertion, he asks that you see if she is alright.

Description Edit

Servus cannot leave his post, but he is worried about his wife. She is stranded somewhere in the city. He asked me to check up on her.

Walkthrough Edit

To enter Crow's Nest you'll need to complete the quest Bark up the Right Tree. In order to complete that quest, you'll need to complete Seahorse Salad first. Once in Crow's Nest proper, Servus and Alina's House is the first building on the left (next to the Sewer Tunnels entrance, across the road from Henry and Eleanor's House).

Inside you'll encounter level 39 Foul-smelling Walking Dead creatures. Simply follow the corridor westward, and soon you'll find Alina cowering from an undead assailant (this particular undead only level 35). (Note: This should trigger a cut-scene where she asks for help. It is possible, especially if you jump or use Rush Attack frequently, to miss walking on the right spot in the hallway that triggers the scene. If this happens, you'll see Alina and an undead, inactive and invulnerable. You'll need to back and forth along the east-west corridor nearby until it triggers.) Once the immediate area is free of danger, she flees the house and goes to the Ministry. (It is unknown how Alina manages to get to the Ministry without being stuck down by Nericon along the way.)

If you'd like to loot the house thoroughly before leaving, refer to the Servus and Alina's House article. Otherwise, return to Servus at the Ministry to complete the quest.

Quotes Edit

If reunited, the unhappily married couple's bickering continues:
Alina: "Don't think I'm cooking you dinner tonight. Old bread and leftover cheese is what you'll be getting!"
Servus: "You won't hear me complaining! I'll enjoy the silence when you're chewing."

Rewards Edit

  • 4873 exp and 600 gold
  • One choice of: 2435 exp, 600 gold, 25 herbs, 1 gem, or 5 ore