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Oh hello, Slayer. Here – would you mind doing me a little favour?

Dana is found at Jackson's Farm and later on in Aleroth.


The wife of Carl Jackson, Dana is a serial adulterer. Currently having an affair with Derk, she was also involved with a man called Boothe in 1290. Unbeknownst to her, Carl uncovered her prior tryst and murdered her extramarital partner.

Following the destruction of Broken Valley by Damian, Dana is one of the few who managed to escape to Aleroth; however, she may well have not escaped at all. Herself, Derk and Folo were murdered at Madame Eve's by the zombie, Jake. In order for Jake to be defeated, she is raised from the dead to be killed a second time.

Interactions with the Player Character - Ego Draconis[]



Why must Carl keep that key up on a beam? I can never reach it! Wait a minute… Maybe that's why!
Originally, mindreading her spawned the key to Carl's basement, however as of Dragon Knight Saga, the key is present without having to mindread Dana.

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