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Here, in the Blackpits, are White Magisters. Their operation is shrouded in mystery, and this pricks our ears. We are gravely concerned. We believe the the White Magisters may have strayed into the darkness.

Dark Dealings in the Blackpits is a quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Speak with paladin Thom Hardwin
  • Find a way to enter the Blackpits
  • Speak with Reimond at the Blackpits and defeat him
  • Speak with Nikor of the Black Ring or his spirit
  • Send the war owl via War Owl Whistle
  • Speak with paladin Thom Hardwin

Detailed walkthrough[]

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  • Accepting the quest gives 4175 exp.
  • The money reward depends on the Godwoken's choice.
    • 100 gold (reasonable sum)
    • 300 gold (unreasonable sum)
    • 1000 gold (outrageously unreasonable sum) -> requires persuasion
  • War Owl Whistle


  • The ambush by the undead at Paladin Checkpoint happens only when the Godwoken have found out about White Magisters using the Black Ring as slaves from Nikor of the Black Ring. Sending owl is not required.