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I'm not proud of what I did, but the military was not my cup of tea.

David is a Champion deserter trying to hide in Black Boar in Broken Valley village.


David took to hiding in the village in hope of avoiding champions but is forced to hide in a tavern after he discovered Richard is in the village, who if he discovered the deserters presence, would execute him for abandoning his duties.

Interactions with the player character[]


Mind reading[]

I desert and flee to this little village only to find a Champion here! And not any Champion, but Richard! He'll kill me if he should find out!
Starts The Fugitive
You have gained new insights
1 Stat Point (path to Orobas Fjords)

Related quests[]

  • The Fugitive - If told that Richard will be made aware that he is a deserter, he runs away and later he can be found on the pathway between Broken Valley and Orobas Fjords. A reward can also be obtained from him by promising not to tell Richard, but the option of telling him still remains.