You trigger this quest when you enter the location on the map to the right.

  • If you choose sides with Filip you will get a default reward of 1500 exp and a choice from a random rare item or 320 gold. You can mindread him after the battle for a free stat point.
  • If you choose sides with Jenae you will get the password to the Bandit Camp, and you can mindread her for a stat point. If the camp is not raided, you can claim a nearly-identical reward from Ragnar.

Alternatively, you can also be given this quest by the bandit Ragnar if you have used the password to enter the Bandit Camp peacefully.

If you accept his quest you will still be asked which side you wish to fight for when you reach the location.

If you side with Filip you get a reward as above. If you side with Jenae she will say that she'll see you back at the camp. When you get back to the Bandit Camp, Jenae and a few other bandits will be stood by Ragnar who will reward you.

If you have already raided the bandit camp, then selecting to help the bandits will render the quest null and it will sit in your logbook.