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Dead explorer's diary is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


  • Blackpits Caves


15th Aurantion

Here begins the account of Wulfrum, lead archeologist. Captain Aureus tells me there may be something worth excavating in this curious cave. I have hired a gaggle of locals with shovels. They insist this cave is haunted, but it's amazing the ghosts you can chase away with a heavy purse of gold.

16th Aurantion

incredible! I've never seen craftsmanship like this. Was it a tomb? A temple? The pillars to the Seven suggest some religious purpose. There is more, hidden behind a barrier. The workers are grumbling again, but I am an expert on the undead. If their 'ghost' was real, I would know!

17th Aurantion

Idiots! The workers claim I've been 'meddling with the gods' (I only took a small chip from the pillar. I had to test it somehow.) and now they've sealed me down here. Nothing left but to examine the columns and hope they return. Each of the Seven seems tied to an element or a trait?

Rhalic - Earth
Duna - Air
Tir-Cendelius - Blood
Zorl-Stissa - Fire
Vrogir - Muscle
Xantezza - Mind
Amadia - Magic

18th Aurantion

I-I don't think I'm alone. I was sure I heard a voice as I slept, but I couldn't make it out. It was faint. An echo, almost.

19th Aurantion

It's here. It's real. Whatever it is, it's real. The Guardians help me...