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The sharpshooter turns from his silent watch over the mill and its approaches, and holds you in steady regard.

Deadeye is a mercenary of the Lone Wolves residing at Cullwoods Mill in 1242 AD.


An assassin working for the Lone Wolves, Deadeye can be found guarding the main entrance to the mill. While little is known about him, he is haunted by a Spirit of an Elderly Mage who was murdered by him and wants revenge.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Merchant Inventory

Equipment Skills
Food Potions
Ingredients Miscellaneous
  • Sells random elemental arrowhead and arrow
  • Has small amount of gold


Swords Axes Maces
One-Handed Two Handed One-Handed Two Handed One-Handed Two Handed
Bow Crossbow Daggers
Staffs Shield Wands
  • Sells unique crossbow Deadeye's Signature Crossbow

Related Quests[]

  • An Eye for an Eye

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