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Deal with the Trolls is a side quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

After speaking to Homer, who tells Lucian of the troll attacks and makes mention of their cave over the other side of the river that runs between the Farmlands and Aleroth, head over the bridge (that Jupiter and Ferris guard) and head west, keeping south of the bridge. Eventually Lucian will encounter the cave. Enter the cave and the troll king will threaten him; the guards on the bridge have taken the trolls' bridge and they can no longer sollicit donations. The trolls have no intention of letting their visitor escape, so they must be defeated.

After their defeat, return to Homer to complete the quest.


  • Experience
  • +3 Reputation
  • +53 Disposition with Homer , +28 with Trisha
  • 100 gold, if asked from Homer

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