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Death knight

Death Knights are demons found in the Divinity series.

Divine Divinity[]

Death Knights, now what appeared to be a humanoid demons in armour, were part of Black Rings army in their effort to spread chaos in dukedom of Ferol to increase Demon of Lies's powers, so the summoning Lord of Chaos would be possible. Furthermore, they tried to kill and prevent Marked Ones from ascending to Divinity.

Beyond Divinity[]

A Death Knight is a demon who serves a master or a mistress. Death Knights are mostly used as elite guard. In Beyond Divinity, Samuel uses Death Knights as his personal guard, and when he is summoned away he orders his elite guard to capture the hero and his Death Knight companion.

In Beyond Divinity the protagonist is soul bound to a Death Knight who is actually Damian.

Death Knight wallpaper.jpg

Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga[]

Death Knights make no physical appearance in this game but they are seen only on paintings (mainly in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance ) and Death Knight is mentioned in the in-game story books about the Damned One .

Divinity: Original Sin[]

Source Hunters meet Death Knights for the first time in the tenebrium mine near Silverglen, they are presented as artificial created by constructs in walking armor appearance. As the protagonists proceed, they found out that Leandra created them with source magic, tenebrium, and, later on, added her own blood. This golem-like death knights were based on own Braccus Rex's early models and designs.

Leandra used the source magic and these creatures to destroy portal to the First Garden and harm Zandalor during the quest Follow the Wizard.