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Death Knight is a character in Divinity: Original Sin.


You meet Death Knights for the first time in the Tenebrium mine near Silverglen.

As you proceed, you find out that Leandra creates them with Source magic, Tenebrium, and her blood. She used the Source magic and these creatures to destroy portal to the First Garden and harm Zandalor during the quest Follow the Wizard.

Related questsEdit

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You must use Death Knight Bane first to get rid of their invulnerability. You have to bypass or flee from Death Knights until you learn the spell. To make the spellbook, you need Vial Of Leandra's Blood and Leandra's Spell.

At the final battle versus the Void Dragon, if you choose not to cure the broken Soul Forge between Leandra and Icara, you can meet a unique version called the Death Prince.