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The Defenders of Aleroth were a group of wizards who at the height of the Great War formed a cabal that was to play a pivotal part in the city's defense. Experienced casters all, they were terrifying opponents who refused to yield when an army of Demons launched a massive assault. None of them survived, but the carnage they had inflicted was of such a scale that they have become legends among the people of Rivellon and today, sparse though its numbers may be, their equipment is sought after by even the most powerful of battle mages.

Magic was the Defenders' first line of attack and defense, yes, but they knew too much about war not to encase themselves in the protection of steel. Wrought by the armour smiths that would later supply the Aleroth Champions, their armours are brilliant pieces of workmanship. It is no coincidence all but exact replicas of them are now fashioned for those who enlist in the ranks of the New Order of Rivertown."

Defenders of Aleroth Leggings are a special leggings in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Defenders of Aleroth leggings are a special leggings that used to belong to a group of wizards that defended Aleroth during the Great War and is part of the Defenders of Aleroth Set. The set is constituted of helmet, armour, leggings and a mace. It requires atleast level 12 in order to be worn. When worn the leggings will boost Ranged Armour Rating by 2 points and Vitality attribute by 3 points. The armour has 2 enchantments slot. The default enchantments are Melee Protection and Retribution Aura.

How to Obtain[]

Prize for destroying the Hellgate (West of the Quarry), dropped by the demon (you have to activate the pedestal 4 times in total) in Broken Valley.

Set Properties[]

Defenders of Aleroth Leggings is a part of the set Defenders of Aleroth Set which allows the item to gain additional, potentially increasing, properties the more items of the same set are worn. Defenders of Aleroth Leggings primary increased attribute is Conditioned Body, which is firstly gained by equipping 2 items from the set, and then increased by equipping more items from the set.

Set Items Equipped Set Bonus
1 Conditioned Body + 0
2 Conditioned Body + 5
3 Conditioned Body + 8
4 Conditioned Body + 12