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Deliver the Grain Order Bill to Hugh is a quest in Divine Divinity.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Talk to Leptine and take bill.
  • Talk to Hugh.
  • Deal with crop poisoning issue.
  • Choose;
    • Pay the debt right away, OR
    • Inform Leptine, then pay Hugh to send grain, and then inform Leptine that the grain is coming.


Leptine asks Lucian to deliver a bill to Hugh, a farmer in The Farmlands. Leptine says Hugh is near Stormfist Castle.

Upon finding Hugh, he says he can't send grain due poisoning that ails the crops.

After dealing with the crop poisoning situation, Leptine still owes Hugh 2,741 gold. Lucian can either;

  • Pay the debt right away and then inform Leptine.
  • Don't pay the debt, inform Leptine, and then pay anyway to persuade Hugh to send grain, lastly informing Leptine that the grain is coming.


  • Experience
  • Discount on Leptine's shop
  • +1 reputation

Quest NPC's[]

Quest items[]