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Demons are the children of the eighth lord, the Lord of Chaos and are one of the most known enemies of the Races, whose influence across Rivellon has spread throughout the Ages.

Demon Concept (DKS)

A demon concept art from Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga


Demons are beings created by the Lord of Chaos and were the first race created after the Seven Gods ascended to power. Originally residing on Rivellon itself, they were the first intelligent race to be made and subsequently enslaved by their creator. The Seven Gods, who disagreed with greedy Chaos, started a war to annihilate the demons and their God. This war, waged between both the Gods and their children was in going in favour of Chaos. The Seven, who realised this, decided to leave Rivellon and drag the unwilling Chaos with them, thus trapping him between Rivellon and the Hall of Echoes. The demons residing on Rivellon were all banished with their creator, now residing in Tartarus, a place more commonly known as Hell, which grew around him.[1]

Ever since their imprisonment in this realm, both the demons and their God plotted to get back into Rivellon or other realms such as Nemesis, and to claim the Source of the races who banished them. They are willing to use all means possible, such as making deals, attacking and possessing people in their dreams, letting themselves be summoned only to turn on their "masters",...[2] Due to their imprisonment, a demon can only be summoned if one knows the demon's true name. The name is also required if one wishes to enter the demon's own dimension.[3] At one point the demons nearly managed to enslave the race of Imps, favoured children of the Seven God Xantezza, however, most of them escaped to Rivellon from Nemesis. [citation needed] Due to Chaos' strengthening influence on the planet and its inhabitants the Gods were forced to mark a select few champions among the races and elevate them to Divinity in order to combat the Demons and the Voidwoken who were threatening the realm. [4]

In spite of demons attacking and using the races to further their agenda the races were also able to use their demonic adversaries to their advantage. Corvus, a great demon ally of the Architect managed to set in motion a decline of Sigurd's empire but was defeated and imprisoned in the heart of an airship known as Raven by Maxos. Maxos and the Commander then used his knowledge to further their interest and tip the scales of the war in their favor.[5]

Over the centuries the demons were mostly a nuisance to the races rather than a direct threat. Most of them, such as Corvus, made deals with mortals in order to further their own agenda, rather than outright wiping them out. This changed in 100 AD when a group of Wizards, residing in Stormfist, were banished by the ancestors of Ferol's ruling family. This cabal made a pact with the Lord of Chaos and, in their desire for revenge and power, summoned his spirit and his children unto the planet directly. This cabal of Wizards, known as the Legion of the Damned, were the first known allies of the demons. [6]

The demons and their allies then waged a war on the humanity. However they were defeated when the dwarves arrived to help the humans. Defeated but not dead, Chaos, his followers and his children retreated and bid their time until they would be ready to dominate the races once again. [7]

It was in 611 AD when the demons, led by the Chaos and his general, the wizard Ulthring, were close to annihilating the Seven races and their lands. Despite of the demons' numbers, their enemies at that time, known as the League of the Seven, managed to banish their God by sacrificing themselves. Disorganised, the demons and their allies were either slaughtered, captured or forced to hide once more. Those wizards that were captured, including Behrlihn, were executed and their souls imprisoned. The only known ally of the demons to have escaped such fate is Zenfar Blutsporn who several centuries later died of old age. [8]

The banishment and disbanding of the Legion did not stop them permanently however, for their successors, now known as the Black Ring, bid their time and worked with the demons in order to unleash the spark of Chaos' soul, known as the Demon of Lies, which was trapped in the catacombs beneath Stormfist castle.

Sometime prior to 1218 AD, young Janus Ferol found the Sword of Lies and, upon touching it, was immediately possessed and devoured by the Demon of Lies. Assuming Janus' identity, the demon took control of Ferol and its servants. In 1218 AD, after Lucian was sacrificed in Divine Ritual, the Demon of Lies assumed his true form and, with the help of his minions, stormed the Council of Seven, killing all of its members except Zandalor and Kroxy, who escaped. After eliminating the Council, the demons and the Black Ring rampaged on Rivellon once more, forcing the orcs to abandon their ancestral home and burning Ferol to the ground.

Several months later the Demon of Lies, initiated the ritual to summon the Lord of Chaos onto the Rivellon. The demons were occupying the lands of Yuthul Gor until Lucian came back from the land of the dead and, with the help of Patriarch the Black, Zandalor and Kroxy, attacked the Black Ring's base of operations where the summoning took place. All the demons and Black Ring members, both above and underground, were slaughtered. However, their plan succeeded and the soul of Lord of Chaos managed to possess a small human newborn, whom Lucian would adopt in an attempt to prevent the influence of Chaos from spreading, since he could not bring himself to kill the newborn child. The name of the boy was Damian.[9]

In 1233 AD, after Lucian executed Ygerna, Damian fled to the Black Ring and became the leader the cult, starting the event known as the Chaos War. However in battle Damian was tricked by the Divine, imprisoned in Nemesis and cursed so that he would not return to Rivellon unless Lucian himself or his successor would will it. In spite of their leader being imprisoned and presumed dead, the Black Ring advanced until the event known as The Withering took place. During this event Alexandar unleashed Deathfog through a rift portal Ifan ben-Mezd delivered to the elves. This decimated the Black Ring and made them abandon their demonic allies and turn towards the God King and his Voidwoken. [10]

Damian, who had regained his memory after the Divine's curse, which wiped out much of it, worn of, made an imp servant steal a sacred crystal from Temple of Raan and unleashed hoards of demons unto the Raanaar civilisation. The Raanaar, who were taken by suprise, were brought to near extiction or enslaved at the hands of Archdemons who invaded Nemesis, such as Asmodheus who later helped Damian return to Rivellon in 1238 AD. [11]

Between 1233 AD and 1242 AD the demons mostly operated on their own in Rivellon. Some made deals with mortals such as Sanguinia Tell or were merely traveling from Nemesis. However one archdemon, known as Adramahlihk, in his desire for power possessed a Godwoken champion of Rhalic, known as Lohse, and attempted to wrestle Divinity from the dying Seven Gods. Besides Adramahlihk, demons such as Almira or the half-demon Malady would influence or help Godwoken in their travels across Rivellon as well as help combat the Black Ring who had sworn themselves to the God King.[12]

After the Veil was sealed in 1242 AD, Damian took control of the Black Ring, who once again allied themselves with the Chaos Lord and his demons. Two years later he launched an assault on Rivellon which resulted in the Great War. [13] During this event demons burned several cities to the ground, including Aleroth. [14]

In 1300 AD demons were mainly working under the Black Ring as powerful, but savage and vicious, allies. In one case the demon Zagan nested in the mountains of Orobas Fjords and demanded regular sacrifices from the inhabitants of the High Hall. In another, Black Ring general Kearas' husband Velanir lost his life, when he dared to bet a demon that he would not dare to kill a Black Ring general's husband. [15] Aside from these instances several cults worshipping demons and eldritch horrors sprouted on Rivellon, one of which, known as Cult of Abraxas the Viridian Horror, took root in Aleroth and in the New Order. [16]

Demon Grunt

Demon concept art from Divinity: Original Sin 2


Due to the unpredictable, dark nature of their Creator, demons are a very varied species capable of taking many forms. Despite not having standard physical traits like the Seven races; demons seem to always resemble predators. Large claws, thorns, bone spikes, fiery appendages, strong scales and dense fur are few of the many characteristics demons may have. In some cases they may have tentacles or insectoid or large bat-like wings. Demons may be both bipedal and quadrupedal and may assume different forms should the situation demand it, provided they have the power to do so.

Most demons are carnivorous predators who will do anything to kill and feast on the souls and bodies of their enemies. Some demons however possess greater intellect and are not only capable of using magic but can also command other demons. The demon hierarchy is based upon power, where the stronger demons command the less powerfull ones. They may even serve the mortal followers and summoners outside of Tartarus. [17]

Flying Demon Concept (DKS)

A flying demon concept art from Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga

Demons have a tendency towards selfishness, viciousness, and cruelty; even when one is not outright violent or malicious it will often act towards its own goals. They hunger for the Source of the mortal races, and they will do anything to get their hands, claws or tentacles on it. For the most part Demons are cunning and intelligent: they often attempt to strike deals with members of the mortal races, though such deals invariably favor the demon and typically end in unforeseen consequences for the mortal in question. Arrogance is a common trait among Demons, especially when it comes to their views on the mortal races. This is often their undoing as that arrogance may cause them to critically underestimate foes.

Due to their dark and vicious nature demons have a vulnerability towards the powers of the Divine and the Seven Gods. A simple blessing spell may cause harm to anyone with just a drop of demonic blood. [18] The sacred power of the Divine himself is so vile to demons, that a person who has his blessing may exorcise a demons from those possessed by a mere touch. These demons will be forced to leave the possessed person's body and in their rage may attack the exorcist. [19]

Subrace: The Sand Demon[]

"Only dark and evil Mages dare to summon demons. And this process is never without danger. First of all the summoned creatures must be subjected under the own will because otherwise the risk exists that the Summoner loses the control and the demons might even turn against the Conjurer.

Especially powerful specimen cannot be forced to something, so that one has to furnish a return for its services, for example a sacrifice or gift. If this venture succeeded however, they won fearsome allies. In the Desert of the Divinity some demons still live as remnants of long forgotten demonic armies..."
- Divine Divinity website description[20]

Subrace: The Succubus[]

"At the end of the Age of Wonders, the Council of Seven and the Dark Circle maintained a delicate balance. Both sides constantly quested to gain the upper hand by relying on ever more powerful magic, and, as anybody with a sense of history knows, this eventually resulted in the Age of Destruction. It was at that time fairly common for the warlocks, witches and sorcerers of the Dark Council to summon demons to their aid. These demons were usually no match for the wizards of the council of seven, but the white wizards could not afford to ignore them. This meant that they had to spend energy on fighting the demons, energy which they then couldn't apply in their battle against the dark council." This relatively successful strategy was developed by the dark wizard, Calislost, one of dark council's leaders. It is with great joy that I report that I have retrieved what appears to be a communication from Calislost to another member of the Dark Council regarding this subject:

"First of all, congratulations on capturing Bloodvale. I don't think the white bitch will enjoy hearing the news that all of here cronies were butchered by our little friends. It is on the topic of our friends that I write to you. Kalton and I have discovered a race of demons who seem to be particular sympathetic to our cause. Instructions for contacting them are included in the scroll you should receive with this message. They behave like most demons, which means you have to be very careful when summoning them, and that you shouldn't forget to feed them. Also, make sure that they are thoroughly under your command, unless you want to end up like Lasal. The demons call themselves Succubi and are quite intelligent. Seen through warlock eyes they look like oversized human females, but an ordinary fellow will see a woman of extraordinary beauty. Their preferred method of destruction is kissing their victim. Yes, you read that right, but it's not the kind of kiss you think. I'll let you discover the nature of their kiss yourself, just make sure you're not the one on the receiving end of their affections. My spies tell me that there's some council vermin gathering at Tenderstorm. I suggest you create a gate for the Succibi in the neighbourhood, point them in the right direction, and then let them do their thing."

"Signed: Calislost - Commander of the third wing"
- Divine Divinity website description[21]

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