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Demons are the children of the 8th eternal Lord of Chaos and are one of the many common enemies across the series. They are often allied with the Black Ring but they have their own agendas.

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As of Divinity Original Sin 2 demons (there are exceptions) are against the Black Ring because they oppose the God King . In other games (DOS, Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity and Divinity II) they are allied with the Black Ring.

Eversince the Seven Gods imprisoned Lord of Chaos between dimensions they mostly resided with him in hell (or Tartarus). 

Demon concept art in DOS2

From where the demons try to escape onto other dimensions such as Rivellon or Nemesis through making deals with mortal races or dominaton of the weak minded. Demons can also escape hell when they are being summoned by someone in other dimension such as the Black Ring.  To summon, banish or enter the demons personal dimension (if they have one) person must know their true name.

Physical description[]

Demons are very varied species and therefore don't have any specific standard physical traits. However most demons seem to resemble predators with large claws, bone spikes or fiery appendages. Demons may also assume different forms if they have the power to do so.


A flying Demon

Selfish, vicious, intelligent and arrogant. Demons have varied personality which is basically evil but it varies from demon to demon with archdemons being mostly the most powerful if not intelligent. They are very powerful opponents and source hungry and they will do anything to get their hands or claws on source of the other races. It should be noted though that not all demons are evil but they merely have their own agendas. This counts especially for Malady, Almira and Sassan who help the main characters in Divinity series.

Notable Characters across games[]

Divinity Dragon Commander []

Divinity Original Sin[]

  • Balberith

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Beyond Divinity[]

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