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Destroyed Village is a village destroyed in the human-orc war, found south of Stormfist Castle, in Ferol.


A recently abandoned village, which has become one of the main flashpoints between the Ducal army and Black Ring controlled orc armies. Its buildings lie in ruins, but have become the holding point for Captain Mitox and his human forces, defending Ferol from further encroachment of the orcs toward Stormfist Castle.


At the centre of the village is small a camp of ducal army soldiers. In the north of the camp is Mitox's command house and to the east is orc territory. Near the western entrance to village there is a hatch in one of buildings that connects this village to the orc camps further east. There is also a building with a locked room in the northwest, the key is on a nearby box. However, there are just two beds inside.

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