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For the stat used in Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity, see Agility.
For the stat used in Divinity: Original Sin II, see Finesse.

Dexterity is an attribute in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga


Determines the damage you do with ranged attacks, your resistance to ranged attacks and influences Heightened Reflexes.
In-game description

For each point invested in Dexterity the Dragon Knight receives + 1% to Ranged Damage, + 1% to Heightened Reflexes and +0.55 points into Ranged Resistance.

The bonus applied by Dexterity to Ranged Resistance stat only starts at 0.55 (at level 1) and gradually lowers itself by 0.01 for each point invested. The decrease temporarily stops around every 10th point invested. This means that bonus gained by putting 10th and 11th point remains the same.

The values for each affected stat (without armor and weapon bonuses) at level 1 are:

  • Ranged Damage: 100 %
  • Ranged Resistance: 0.55
  • Heightened Reflexes: 1 %


At 10 points in Dexterity the bonus for each point is only 0.5 and at 20 points invested its only 0.45 boost to Ranged Resistance.

Level Description[]

Points Description
1-15 You are as clumsy as an ox and just as slow on your feet. The village healer believes you may have severe glandural deficiency.
16-20 You had best avoid china shops. You may understand the concept of dodging blows, but you have trouble with the actual practice.
21-40 You have an reasonable level of dexterity. A great ranger you are not, but there is hope for you yet.
41-60 You're damn fast. Your fingers are as quick as lizards and it takes a skilled opponent to land a blow on you. The Thieves' Guild offered you a scholarship, but your mother made you turn it down.
61-100 You are as fast as a striking snake and as silent as a midnight breeze. Nobody can spot you unless you want them to, and enemy archers are at a loss to hit you. The Assassin's Guild have sent talent scouts to beg you to join them.

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