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DOS:EE contains more than 13000 changes in terms of playability, combat system, new abilities, etc. Below are some of the major changes:

Main Features

  • Full controller support for one and two players on all platforms (PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Bring gaming back to the living room with dynamic split-screen support for side-by-side co-op play
  • Full AAA voice-overs for all characters
  • Expanded storyline with new quests, areas, and characters, as well as reworked dialogs
  • New styles of play including Dual wielding, Wands, and Grenades
  • New game modes including Explorer Mode (for story- and exploration-centric players and/or genre novices) & Honour Mode (for experienced tacticians ready to face brutal encounters, puzzles and creatures)
  • Enhanced user interface, graphics, animations, effects, and sounds

In detail


  • Full controller support for one and two players (for side-by-side play, all platforms)
  • Dynamic split-screen support for side-by-side co-op play (all platforms)
  • Reworked and improved UI for use with controller (all platforms)


  • Full AAA voice-overs for all characters (over 350k words)
  • New sound effects and improvements made to existing effects


  • Enhanced storyline with new quests and situations:
    • Main quest made clearer with extra events and pacing changes
    • Large portion of the ending reworked and expanded
    • Storyline background expanded
    • New areas, characters, and quests featuring new dialogs
    • Old quests updated and reworked
    • Companions now banter and argue with one another
  • New styles of playing: Dual wielding, Wands, and Grenades
    • Dual wield daggers, wands or other one-handed weapons. This comes with a separate Dual-wielding ability in which you can invest points to improve your proficiency.
    • Toss elemental, area of effect, damage-causing, and status-setting grenades. This comes with a separate Bombardier ability in which you can invest points to improve your proficiency.
    • Wands are one-handed ranged weapons that deal elemental damage and come pre-charged with an additional powerful skill that the player can invoke 1-4 times depending on his or her Wand skill level. The skill also determines your attack range with wands (from barely-out-of-melee to bow-level).
  • New game difficulty modes:
    • Explorer mode. Formerly called "Casual," Explorer players will face less-fierce enemies and enjoy a higher chance of knocking them dead, freeing up the player's time to discover, craft, sleuth, and travel outside of combat.
    • Classic mode. Formerly called "Normal mode"
    • Tactician mode. A totally new game setting featuring smarter, stronger enemies to challenge combat-oriented players.
    • Honour mode. Experience Tactician Mode with the added challenge of having but a single save and a single life (no resurrecting!) at your disposal.
  • Tactician and Honour modes feature re-designed encounters and puzzles, including new mechanics, monsters, skills, and challenges. Enemy AI is more intelligent and designed to defend against past players' most commonly-used tactics.
  • New traps have been added, making perception, tactics/puzzles, and simply moving around in the world a lot more challenging.
  • New skills and skill system
    • New tiered skill system ('Novice', 'Adept', 'Master') allows you to learn the most devastating skills as you progress in the magic schools of your choosing.
    • 15+ new skills featuring custom animations and damage
  • Improved AI and encounters
    • Existing encounters were improved and re-balanced to provide a more consistent experience throughout all zones.
    • AI has been upgraded to better counter the player's moves.
  • Updated system makes crafting more intuitive
  • New creatures
    • Elemental Wards, Enchanted Armours, Bolt-stricken Zombie, Arcane Vortex, Nether Jester, Poison Slug, Spitfire Totem, Void Crystal, Oilskin ExploSkeleton, Soul of Desperation, Angry Chest
  • New cut scenes and improvements to existing cut scenes

Balancing and Gameplay:

  • Skills were rebalanced and redistributed into skill schools to give each a more cohesive theme
  • Balancing changes have made mid- and late-game (post-Cyseal) combat more dynamic and engaging
  • Existing abilities and talents have been rebalanced
  • Weapon ability progression has been updated to further differentiate play styles based on weapon types (e.g. the 'Two-handed weapons' theme now focuses on slow, powerful strikes with a good chance of inflicting monstrous crit, while 'Dual-wielding' is centered around striking multiple hits more and more rapidly as the player levels up the ability.)
  • Vendors sell much better loot
  • Magical items are built up differently
  • Items' use requirements have been revised
  • Economy (gold value and rarity of all items) has been revised
  • Treasure generation and traders have been overhauled. Item selection by treasure generation is also less random and uses a system that guarantees variation in drops over time
  • Weapons, amour, shields, potions, and statuses have been rebalanced
  • The engine's inner formulas that calculate hit chances, crit chances, damage, armour, blocking, and more were carefully revised and improved
  • 'Saving throws' formula has been rewritten
  • New items and item combos for creating wands and grenades


  • 360-degree camera, with improved art assets for viewing at all angles
  • Reworked visuals for improved performance
    • Textures were updated to improve performance
    • DirectX 11 was added, which improves performance.
    • Because of these changes, the game now only works on 64-bit Operating Systems
  • New animations and effects
    • New animations for new weapon types (wands and dual wielding)
    • New effects and animations for new skills, but also enhanced existing skills
    • New custom animations for all NPC's
    • New animations for new creatures and destructibles

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