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This quest is obtained either from Hershel, the bartender at the tavern in Hunter's Edge, or by reading The Art Of Whisky. Completing the quest significantly weakens the Orcs in the village.


  1. Speak to Hershel about the orcs.
  2. Go to Glen's House where the orcs are searching for the Armoury Key and enter the basement.
  3. Pick up and read The Art Of Whisky
  4. Go to the field of barley directly west of the Hunter's Edge entrance gate and pick one barley to get the Sack Of Barley
  5. Go to the Mill in Hunter's Edge and combine the Sack Of Barley with the Mill to create the Sack Of Grist
  6. Go outside and pick up the bucket next to the well. Combine the Bucket with the well to create a Bucket with Water
  7. Combine the Bucket with Water] and the Sack Of Grist to create Wort
  8. Go back to the basement in Glen's House. Combine the Wort with the Pot Still to create Spirit
  9. Return to the Homestead and speak to ZixZax about aging the Spirit. He will return and give you 30-Year Old Whisky. (If ZixZax' chair is empty, he may be elsewhere in Homestead, most likely in the south-east corner, next to the portal to the Hall of Darkness).
  10. Return to Hershel at the tavern and give him 30-Year Old Whisky. Every Orc is now DOS Status Effect Drunk.pngDrunk+2 Luck
    -3 Intelligence
    -5 Initiative


  • 4080 XP for creating the Spirit.
  • 4080 XP for aging the Spirit.
  • 8160 XP for completing the quest.