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For the in-game book, see Divine Divinity (book).

Divine Divinity is the first game in the Divinity series. It's a single-player fantasy computer role-playing game created by Larian Studios, released in 2002. The game was re-released in 2004 along with Beyond Divinity as a part of Beyond Divinity: Deluxe Edition.


The game takes place in Rivellon: a land that is slowly being torn apart by civil unrest, hatred, war, greed and several other melancholic happenings. These events point towards the possibility that dormant dark forces are once again attempting to surface. With potential doom on the rise and Rivellon in pieces, there is only one hope of saving the land from being consumed by Chaos: the discovery and ceremonial dubbing of the divine saviour of the Seven Races.

Character Creation[]

Character Select screen

Character Creation is a straightforward process in Divine Divinity. You begin with selecting either Male or Female and one of the three classes: Warrior, Mage, and Survivor. Each character has their own biography and voice line. The player can choose a name, change the portrait and edit the skills. Depending on the choice, the six attributes points scale differently with each class.

There are six statistics in the game:

  • Vitality - This is the amount of health you begin with. Should your vitality drop to zero, you will die.
  • Mana - Mana is the innate energy that powers magic and allows the casting of spells. A lot of spells have a mana cost associated with it, and each time you cast them, your mana reserve will decrease a bit. When it reaches zero you will not be able to cast any more spells until you recharge with either sleep or a potion.
  • Strength - Strong characters can use heavier weapons and armor, do more damage when fighting and generally carry more objects in their inventory.
  • Agility - Agile characters have greater attack accuracy and defense during combat and use weapons and armor requiring high levels of agility.
  • Intelligence - Intelligence affects how much magical energy you have. As such this is important attribute for mages.
  • Constitution - This determines how generally tough you are. It also affects how much vitality and stamina you begin with.
Statistics point system
Strength affects damage done: Agility affects offence and defense: Intelligence affects Mana: Constitution affects HP:
Warriors 0.4/point 0.8 OFF/point, 0.7 DEF /point -1 3 /point 6 /point
Survivors 0.14/point 0.7 OFF /point -1, 0.8 DEF/point 4 /point 5 /point
Wizards 0.1/point 0.7 OFF /point -1, 0.7 DEF /point -1 6 /point 4 /point
  • Amount you can carry (20 more units per point)
  • Items you can use (70 is max needed)
* Amount of Stamina: 300 per point

The three classes give you a starting point, but you are not bound by the class as you can learn the skills of other classes as well.


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