Divinity Wiki

Divine Divinity's non-player characters are each one of seven races: dwarf, elf, human, imp, lizard, orc and the undead.


Name Race Notes
Celdur Undead Occupies the Aleroth catacombs
Fenwythus Healing shrine
Goemoe Lizard Healer
Gregar Brock Undead Temporary companion
Joram Human First person encountered and healer
Lanilor Elf
Mardaneus Human Leader of the Aleroth Healers
Miranda Undead
Otho Rignaforoixx Dwarf Healer
Verlat Human Wounded soldier
Zandalor Human First encountered on the road south of Aleroth
Zombie Jake Undead Found in the basement of a house to the north of the village

Army Barracks[]

Name Race Notes
General Alix Human
Egon Human South of the barracks.
Gareth Human

Blue Boar Inn[]

Name Race Notes
El'Gammon Human Merchant of exotic magic items
Harriet Human
Jolie Human
Logan Human
Splinter Human Owner


Name Race Notes
Father Danos Human
Father Theofolus Human
Vinny Human

Destroyed Village[]

Name Race Notes
Captain Mitox Human

Dwarven Bread Inn[]

Name Race Notes
Burleigh Human Champion of the underground boxing ring
Christopher Human
Douglas Human
Krasnegar Dwarf
Lieutenant Ron Human
Sean Human Owner
Silvana Human
Tibo Human
Wouter Human Marked One


Name Race Notes
Allan Human Trader who is encountered on road between Cursed Abbey and the bridge which Ferris and Jupiter guard.
Buzz Human
Crawler Human Assassin targetting Richard.
Elli Human
Ferris Human
Finn Human
Homer Human
Hugh Human
Isolde Human
Jupiter Human
Kelden Human
Reginald Human
Richard Human
Rufus Human
Tipsix Orc
Titus Human
Tom Human
Trisha Human

Nericon's Garden[]

Name Race Notes
Barry Human
Gina Human
Otto Human

Rivertown Market[]

Name Race Notes
Blake Human Merchant
Caroline Human
Elrath Human
Geoff Human Merchant
Gero Human Merchant
Kistandalius Human Merchant
Sir Markham Human Found north of the market
Mathieu Human
Marcus Human Merchant
Melville Human Street performer
Tingalf Human Black marketeer
Robin Human Lieutenant of the Rivertown Watch
Walker Human Alchemist

Pauper's Graveyard[]

Name Race Notes
Antoinette Human
Elora Human
Malachias Human
Victor Human

Poor Area[]

Name Race Notes
Balin Human
Cederic Human
Dorian Human
Jonas Human
Lain Human
Maria Human
Sara Human
Tibus Human
Vinny Human Moves here after the quest The Church.

Stormfist Castle[]

Name Race Notes
Bull Human Encountered on road east of Stormfist castle.
Fist Human
Janus Ferol Human
Rude knight Human
Ross Human


Name Race Notes
Afrasam Human
Artemis Human
Corinna Human
Diana Human
Kratus Human
Leptine Human Owner of Leptine's Market
Lewton Human
Lydia Human
Malcolm Human Secretary of the Merchants Guild
Marek Human
Mpenzak Human
Nimras Elf
Pierce Human
Raphirella Human
Rob Human
Tanisur Human
Zedzarine Human