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Classes in Divine Divinity set Lucian's starting traits. One can choose from the warrior, mage or survivor.


On starting a new game, both the class and gender can be selected. The impact of gender affects starting skills only, the class defines the special skill for the character and cannot be changed:


Warriors value physical strength over speed or magical ability. Their special skill is a whirlwind attack which will cause physical damage to all those in range.


Mages place emphasis on magical prowess, attempting to avoid direct physical combat. Their special skill allows them to teleport to the mouse cursor's location.


Survivors are interested in self preservation and their skills are reflective of this. Their special skill allows them to cloak when in shadows.

In addition to the special skill, the derived statistics of offence, defence, mana and vitality will differ as core attributes are increased.

Derived Statistic Offence Defense Intelligence Constitution
Attribute Strength Agility Agility Mana Vitality
Warrior 0.4/point 0.8 OFF/point 0.7 DEF /point -1 3 /point 6 /point
Survivor 0.14/point 0.7 OFF /point -1 0.8 DEF/point 4 /point 5 /point
Wizard 0.1/point 0.7 OFF /point -1 0.7 DEF /point -1 6 /point 4 /point

These three classes should be considered a starting point, the player is not bound to develop their character specifically on the path of the chosen class: when levelling up or obtaining skill books it is possible to learn skills from the other three classes.