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Divine Divinity consists of four regions: Ferol, The Dark Forest, Verdistis and Yuthul Gor.


Ferol is the first region encountered when Lucian wakes up in the basement of Joram's home in Aleroth. Rivertown dominates the region with Stormfist Castle at its epicentre; the Rivertown Watch operating outside the castle's entrance on the south side. On its eastern side is the Church (far north), cursed abbey (mid north), The Farmlands and the Blue Boar Inn (due east), and the town's poor area (south).

Directly south is the Rivertown Watch and south west the famed Dwarven Bread Inn. Due north of the castle is Nericon's Garden and further north (to the west of the church) is the town's main graveyard; its pauper's graveyard lies south of the poor quarter. To the north east is the town's market and the road to Verdistis. On the southern boundary of the town lies its army barracks.

Due east of the castle is dwarven territory, with the dwarven village of Glenborus and the dwarven forest on its easternmost boundary.

South of the town is a battleground between the orcs and humans, with the humans holding the line at the destroyed village, with an additional supply camp to the east of the village. The south east is dominated by the orc camp and the south east road leads to the Archer's Guild, the elven lands and a Arnie's house across the road from it.

There are also several caves in the region:

  • Two caves to the south of Aleroth:
    • The secondary entrance to the Aleroth catacombs down and east of the road to the river crossing;
    • A troll cave south and west of the crossing itself;
  • The dark cave to the east of the road to Verdistis;
  • Due west of the Blue Boar Inn;
  • South and east of the Rivertown market;
  • East of the Dwarven Bread Inn.



The Farmlands[]


Pauper's Graveyard[]


The walled city of Ferol, Verdistis, is the home of the rich nobles. The city is walled in on all sides with a single gate to the south. The west side of the town is dedicated to merchants and entertainment and the east to the homes of the residents themselves.

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