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Music for the first game in the Divinity series known as Divine Divinity was composed by Kirill Pokrovsky.


The official soundtrack contains 45 pieces including 3 tracks cut from the game. Namely: Bitva, Old Rivertown and Against Doom and Despair. The soundtrack used to be free on Kirill Pokrovsky's own website till it was shut-down in 2023.[1] Some of these tracks were reused in Beyond Divinity and served as base for newer music in Divinity II: Ego Draconis. Most notable out of these is the main menu theme Divine Divinity which can be heard played on piano by a ghost NPC in Ryker's Rest in Divinity: Original Sin II game.

Soundtracks Warrior (ru. Voin), Divine Divinity (title track), War and Peace, Desert Fight, Forest, Demona's Run and Bitva were the first songs to be made public under the courtesy of Larian Studios themselves. Later on full soundtrack of the game was made public. Out of these only Demona's Run was never part of the official album.

Track List[]


# Name Track Duration
1 Warrior (ru. Voin) 03:55
2 Dwarven Clockwork 02:57
3 Scorching Wind 04:23
4 Tangible Suspense 03:28
5 The Garden at the Edge of Nowhere 04:17
6 Roads Shaded by Green Leaves 03:42
7 Those who roam in the sewers 02:05
8 Halls Beneath the Ground 02:47
9 Crypts and Catacombs 02:16
10 Horror of the Walking Bones 01:44
11 Omnious Warnings 02:55
12 The Song of the Wind 02:09
13 Sighs of the Elvenkind 02:45
14 Forsaken by the Gods 01:40
15 Warring Winds and Crimson Tides 04:23
16 Drunk with Dwarven Mirth 02:05
17 The Flags of Freedom Fly High 02:55
18 Against Doom and Despair 02:52
19 The Four Seasons Singing 02:30
20 Heartbeats of Undeath 02:07
21 A Wind of Aleroth 02:21
22 Stones and Trees 03:29
23 They Whom Have Left Long Ago 03:34
24 Whispers from a Council Past 04:08
25 A Sense of Disorientation 01:28
26 At the Edge of Death 03:01
27 Just in Time for an Ale 03:22
28 An Avenue of Lost Tales 03:56
29 Run, Zandalor, Run! 02:27
30 Relentless Wandering 03:14
31 The Lake of Eternal Darkness 04:35
32 Suffering and Shame 03:26
33 A Forest Dark and Deep 03:42
34 On the Brink of Defeat 02:54
35 Something is Amiss 01:35
36 Old Rivertown 03:46
37 Lies and Chaos 01:53
38 Stronghold of the Orcs 03:37
39 A Perilous Path 05:14
40 Dancing with Mirth 02:04
41 Divine Divinity 05:02
42 Conclusion of a Destiny 03:06
43 War and Peace 02:57
44 Winds of Sand 03:02
45 Battle (ru.Bitva)Cut 05:35


Following soundtracks are not part of the official album and can be found only in the game itself or on older version of the composers website. Desert Fight is a longer variant of Warring Winds and Crimision Tides. Forest is a longer version of A Wind of Aleroth with background sounds. [2]

# Name Track Duration
1 Demona's RunCut 03:47
2 Desert Fight 05:26
3 Forest 02:42
4 Trailer Music 01:31


  • All official soundtracks (alongside Demona's Run) listed on this page are of mp3 format which is of higher quality (the rest are in ogg format). For ogg format refer to the pages of the respective soundtracks.
  • The soundtrack name Bitva stands for means Battle in english.
  • Many original names of the soundtracks on the track list contain misspelled names. Below is a list of the soundtracks corrected with their corresponding original name in the track list:
    • Warring Winds and Crimson Tides - Warring Winds and Crimision Tides
    • Here Be Zandalor - Here Be Zanaldor
    • An Avenue of Lost Tales - An Aveune of Lost Tales
    • Roads Shaded By Green Leaves - Roads Shaded By Green Eaves