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Quest items are objects required to continue or complete a quest. In Divine Divinity, these items can be dropped, butmostly cannot be sold. Once dropped there is no indicator of where they have been left.

Item Quest Location
Drudanae Collect Herbs for George Aleroth, Lanilor's herb garden
Healing gem Find a Cure for Simon
Find a Cure for Verlat
Healing shrine
Magic mirror Find a Cure for Simon
Find a Cure for Verlat
Aleroth, vacant house
Scrying stone Council of Seven
Bronze key Rescue Lanilor the Elf from his icy prison Aleroth, in Mardaneus' Cellar
Teleporter activation scroll Find the Teleporter Activation Scrolls
Isolde's Love Letter to Gareth Isolde's Love Letter Given by Isolde
Letter to Afrasam Deliver a letter Given by Harriet
Letter for Captain Mitox Contact Captain Mitox Given by Alix Eastdragon
Explosives Ravage the supply Train Given by Mitox
Feign death potion Gareth's feign death potion Can be bought from Father Theofolus after The Church quest
Balin's necklace Retrieve Balin's necklace Poor area in Jonas's house.
Bottle of poison Poison the Orcs' water supply Given by Mitox
Grain order bill Deliver the grain order bill to Hugh Given by Leptine
Letter of Elrath Who is responsible for the harvest disaster? House of doctor Elrath
Cure flask Find a potion for House of doctor Elrath
Stormfist Castle invitation An Appointment With the New Ruler of Ferol Given by Alix Eastdragon and/or Commander Ralph
Cart wheel Deliver a New wheel Given by Marcus at beginning of quest.
Magic lockpicks Bring Finnigan His Magic Lock Picks In table in Verdistis City Watch Barracks
Nightflower Do I Want to Summon a Demon? In Corrina's House garden.

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