Divine Divinity's non-player characters are each one of seven races: dwarf, elf, human, imp, Lizard, orc and the undead.


Name Race Notes
Celdur Undead Occupies the Aleroth catacombs
Fenwythus Healing shrine
Goemoe Lizard Healer
Gregar Brock Undead Temporary companion
Joram Human First person encountered and healer
Lanilor Elf
Mardaneus Human Leader of the Aleroth Healers
Miranda Undead
Otho Rignaforoixx Dwarf Healer
Sylvena Part of obtaining Gregar Brock as a companion
Verlat Human Wounded soldier
Zandalor Human First encountered on the road south of Aleroth
Zombie Jake Undead Found in the basement of a house to the north of the village


Name Race Notes
General Alix Human

Destroyed VillageEdit

Name Race Notes
Captain Mitox Human

Dwarven Bread InnEdit

Name Race Notes
Wouter Human Marked One

Stormfist CastleEdit

Name Race
Janus Ferol Human