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Skills are additional abilities that can be learned by Lucian upon leveling up. Regardless of character selection at the start of Divine Divinity, the character starts with 2 skills and is given the option to earn 1-2 points towards skills at each level. Some skills and spells can also be learnt by reading correct book, or from quest reward. These cases ignore level requirement for skill in question.

There are active skills that require mana to function and passive skills that don't require mana. Skills are not tied to class; even warrior can learn mage spells.

In table below;

  • Min level is character level required to learn first rank via skill points from levels
  • Max level is character level required to learn final rank via skill points from levels
  • Min magic is mana usage for first rank
  • Max magic is mana usage for last rank

Way of the mage[]

Mage skills, focus on magic abilities of which all (except transfer power and master summoner) require magic to use. With the exception of summons, mage skills must be cast for each attack.

Powers of Matter[]

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Hell Spikes Call on the netherworld to shoot spikes under the feet of your opponents. 1 25 2 26
Energy Cage Encircles your hapless victim with an impenetrable magic barrier 12 36 10 18
Limbs of Lead Once cast upon your opponent, their limbs become like lead and they are slowed to a crawl 5 29 5 17
Telekinesis Discover the power to manipulate and use objects at a distance 10 26 10 18
Deadly Discs Three vicious discs bristling with knives spiral outward from the caster striking all within range 10 34 4
Polymorph Transform your opponent into a harmless creature ready for the slaying 16 40 16 28
Skeletal Wall The caster calls upon the dead to summon forth hardened skeletal fighters 16 16
Seeking Flame Send forth a snaking stream of flame to explode upon contact with your enemy 24 21

Powers of Body and Spirit[]

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Wizard's Sight Use the power of magic to cast your view into areas your feet have yet to tread 1 17 1 9
Bless Call upon the gods to grant you a blessing of the body 3 27 6 30
Restoration Send your magical energy coursing through your veins to restore your health after battle. 6 30 8 16
Withering Curse Cast this on your opponents and watch as their innate resistances are weakened 8 24 8 20
Aura of Guarding A bright, shimmering magical shield protects the caster from all forms of physical attacks 10 42 10 18
Magical Might Once cast, magical energies course through your muscles boosting your natural strength 12 28 12 20
Spellshield Once cast a bright magical shield of absorbing energy protects the caster from magical attacks 16 48 12 20
Fade From Sight A powerful and useful spell of invisibility that will leave your enemies bemused 24 48 24 36

Elemental Powers[]

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Meteorstrike Cast your will into the heavens and bring forth a meteor to strike at your opponent 1 25 2 6
Lightning Send forth a searing bolt of lightning to strike down your opponents 10 34 6 20
Freeze Bring your opponent to a complete halt and then eliminate them or make your escape 5 29 4 25
Burning Wall Once cast you will leave a wall of energy behind you as you walk 16 14
Elemental Bolt Hurl a powerful bolt of elemental energy towards your enemy 16 15
Poisonous Cloud Envelope your victims in billowing clouds of poisonous fumes 20 44 16 32
Elemental Hail Shower your enemies in a searing hail of elemental energy 24 48 15 39
Elemental Strike A cocktail of elemental damage is hurled towards you opponent, who is poisoned, burned and electrocuted 24 24

Powers of Summoning[]

This path improves summoning capabilities.

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Summon vermin Brings forth a pack of rats to attack and harass your opponents 1 17 1 9
Summon Skeleton Calls on the long buried dead to arise and fight at your side 3 19 3 11
Life Leech Drain the vitality force from your opponent and add it to your own reserves 10 8
Master Summoner (Passive) You have mastered the art of summoning and creatures you have called forth become more powerful 10 26
Banish Sends those that are summoned back to whence they came 10 26 10 18
Resurrect Grants you the godlike ability to bring the fallen back to life 16 40 16 28
Transfer Powers (Passive) Summoned creatures gain some of your passive abilities 24
Summon Demonic Aide Summons a knight of the demonic realm to help you in battle 24 24

Way of the survivor[]

Survivor skills are more orientated towards practical as opposed to combat itself, with one path being the exception: Path of the Divine, which holds the skills of the divine. This fourth path remains locked to Lucian until much later in the journey.

Path of the Thief[]

This path focuses on traditional thief skills; sneaking, stealing, trapping.

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Assassin's Kiss (Passive) Increases backstab chance. 1 17
Lockpick Opens locked doors and chests. 1 25 1 13
Pickpocket Makes it possible to rob NPC's. 6 22 6 14

Evade trap (Passive)

Allows detecting traps. 3 19
Deadly Gift Can place traps. 5 29 5 17
Elven Stamina (Passive) Less stamina consumption. 10 26
Embrace Shadows Allows sneaking in low-light. 8 24
Poison Weapon Applies poison to weapon. 1 17

Path of Lore[]

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Identify (Passive) Identify equipment found in stores and while exploring. 1 17
Alchemy (Passive) Allows creation and combination of potions and poisons. 3 27
Know Creature (Passive) Shows information of creatures. 1 19
True Sight (Passive) 10 26
Blind Reduces sight of enemies. 8 24 8 16
Skin of Poison Poisons melee attackers. 16
Curse Reduces offensive and defensive abilities of enemy. 12 12
Necroshift 24 24

Path of Talents[]

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Trader's Tongue (Passive) Better buying prices when trading. 1 25
Ranger Sight (Passive) Increases sight range. 6
Wisdom (Passive) Increases obtained experience. 6 30
Charm Attempts to temporarily make enemy an ally. 10 26 10 18
Magic Barrier (Passive) Increases magical defence permanently. 16
Aura of Command Control summoned creatures. 16 16
Heaven's Gift Creates random item. 24 24
Survivors Instinct (Passive) Health regenerates automatically. 12

Path of the Divine[]

Unlike other skill paths, the Path of the Divine is only available after Lucian receives the Divine Blessing

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Translocate Teleports the user a short distance. 20
Divine Death Deal massive damage to an enemy. 20
Spirit Form Become a spirit for a short time. 20
Scorch Area of effect fire attack. 20
Heaven's Blessing Gain a % increase in stats and resistances for a short time. 20
Divine Eye Temporarily summon an eye to spy on an area. 20
Temporal Storm Temporarily stop time. 20
Lightning Cascade Chain lightning attack. 20

Way of the warrior[]

Warrior skills focus on improving physical prowess; more efficient use of weapons and improving physical damage.

Path of the Specialist[]

This path improves overall efficiency of specific weapon classes. Only Spear Expertise requires Mana to function.

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Sword Expertise (Passive) The knowledge of swordmasters become available to you 1 25
Mace Expertise (Passive) Call on the knowledge of the masters to improve your fighting skills and the damage done when wielding the mace in battle 1 25
Axe Expertise (Passive) Improve your skills with the axe and vastly improve the damage inflicted when wielding the axe in battle 1 25
Hammer Expertise (Passive) Wield the hammer with deadly proficiency and speed 1 25
Spear Expertise Spear attacks become faster and deadlier and your spear throwing accuracy is improved 1 25 1
Bow Expertise (Passive) Tap into the elven skill with the bow and enhance your archery abilities 1 25
Crossbow Expertise (Passive) Increase the speed and power of your attacks when using the crossbow 1 25
Shield Expertise (Passive) Become one with your shield and use it not only to defend against attacks but also as a deadly weapon 8

Path of the Ranger[]

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Elven Sight (Passive) You can see further and thus target and attack your enemies from afar 1 17
True Shot (Passive) Magically enhance your accuracy with missile weapons and watch your enemies fall 6
Splitting Arrows These special arrows split in mid air, creating havoc and death among your enemies 6 1
Poisoned Arrows First used by assassins so that if their arrows did not immediately kill their mark, the resulting poisoning did 10 1
Spiritual Arrows When they strike, these magical arrows damage your opponents spiritual energy 12 1
Elemental Arrows Arrows imbued with the power of the elements cause devastating damage when they strike 16 1
Evade Arrows (Passive) You are able to see incoming missiles and block or dodge them with relative ease 16
Explosive Arrows These arrows are tipped with explosive energy and cause great damage upon impact 24 1

Path of the Warrior's Lore[]

Specialty of this path is the possibility of inflicting elemental damage to enemy.

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Augment Damage (Passive) Through magical methods you temporarily gain insight and knowledge of master warriors and do more damage to your opponents 1 25
Repair Allows you to repair your weapons and armour 1 25 1 13
Stun (Passive) This magical attack crushes the wind from the lungs of your enemies temporarily preventing them from attacking you 3 19
Augment Defense (Passive) Your knowledge of self defence is enhanced, thereby reducing the damage sustained from your enemies 5 29
Poison Damage (Passive) When cast, this spell causes all your melee attacks to inflict additional poison damage. Ranged attacks do not receive a bonus 5 29
Fire Damage (Passive) Adds the searing damage of fire to all your melee attacks. Ranged attacks do not receive a bonus. 5 29
Lightning Damage (Passive) The powerful force of the storm is added to your melee attacks. Ranged attacks do not receive a bonus. 5 29
Repel Damage (Passive) Some of the force behind your opponent's attack is sent back to them. 16

Path of the Warrior Gods[]

Skill Description Min level Max level Min magic Max magic
Enchant Weapon (Passive) Allows the caster to magically charm his weapons to enhance their damage and efficiency. Only weapons which have certain charm quality can be charmed. 1 25
Feign Death Allows the caster to take in the visage of death to fool his enemies 6 30 6
Boomerang Any weapon you throw is automatically returned to your hand 10 5
Shadow Warrior Create a shimmering shadow warrior to strike at your opponent 16 16
Spiritual Damage (Passive) The warrior's melee weapons are infused with the ability to inflict spiritual damage 16
Reflect Missiles (Passive) Any missile fired at you are reflected back to your opponent 16
Death Strike (Passive) Draw on your total might and mental concentration to deliver a killing blow to your enemy 24
Flash Attack Teleports the warrior immediately near the target 24