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A Divine or Divine One is a person who ascended to Divinity.


After the Seven Gods banished the eternals and started a war with Lord of Chaos, they realised they needed their own champion on Rivellon who would enforce their interests, keep the Void in check and Chaos from returning.[citation needed]

Path to Divinity[]

It is unknown who became the first Divine, but it is assumed that it was an individual of the elder races. In time of crisis and absence of the Divine, the Seven Gods and their Godwoken champions fight over divinity. The Godwoken have to fight in arenas, gain reputation and master their source powers to be able to become divine.  After they gain enough power they need to travel to Nameless Isle, where a Source Lake and the Arena of the One lies, and bathe in the lake after defeating other competing champions to gain its power.

The only exception are Marked Ones marked by a Divine Being. These people need the public agreement of the entire Council of Seven and undergo a ritual which sends them to the Hall of Echoes to accept the divinity from the Seven themselves. The ritual requires the council to summon back the Divine One afterwards. However if the summoning ritual is not completed the Divine can return on his/her own.


A Divine One is recognisable by the halo or aura of white or golden light around them.  The eyes of the Divine turn the color of gold and glow.


It is unknown to what extent Divine Ones powers reach. The Divine gains their powers from source of the Seven Gods. Below is a list of known abilities from Divine Divinity and Divinity: Original Sin II.

  • Healing powers
  • Blessing powers
  • Power to see and feel the emotions of others
  • Power to affect the emotions and psyche of others
  • Power to see the dead
  • Power to become a ghost
  • Weather manipulation
  • Teleportation
  • Power to kill an enemy in an instant
  • Flight

Known Divines[]

  • Lucian - ascended in 1218 AD. 
  • Godwoken - Can ascend in one of the possible endings in 1242 AD.


  • It is possible that the process of becoming Divine from Divine Divinity has been retconned by Divinity Original Sin II. It is not confirmed however. 

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