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Divinity: Dragon Commander is the fourth game in the Divinity series of games developed by Larian Studios. It was released for Microsoft Windows on 6th August in 2013.


The game is broken down into three parts.

Act 1[]

Set thousands of years before any other Divinity game, an empire controlling all of Rivellon collapses after the emperor's bastard children launch a coup. The bastards, all insane, fight amongst themselves using the technology that united the empire in the first place. The wizard Maxos recruits the last (sane) royal bastard, the son of the emperor and a dragon, to become the Dragon Commander and reunite Rivellon once more. Operating from an airship called the Raven, the Commander must conquer a relatively small island chain against a single enemy faction in order to build up his forces and gain enough respect to become a claimant to the empire.

Act 2[]

After conquering the first map, the other royal bastards see the Dragon Commander as a threat, and the conflict moves to Rivellon's heartlands. The Commander is now fighting on a much larger map against his three half-siblings. The Commander is also introduced to Corvus, a demon Maxos keeps bound (physically and mentally) inside the Raven and interrogates him for the magic he teaches.

Act 3[]

After the Commander conquers the Rivellon heartlands and defeats his siblings, the Corvus breaks free of Maxos's control and possesses the remaining hostile forces in Rivellon, revealing that he had helped all four claimants so he could destroy whoever was left over. As Corvus had split himself into numerous pieces to control his armies, the Commander's victories effectively kill him piece by piece. He is eventually defeated, all warfare technologies are destroyed to avoid another coup, and the empire (or republic, depending on player choice) leads to a time of peace called the Pax Draconis.


Divinity: Dragon Commander plays vastly different from other games in the Divinity series with this one being focused on strategy and politics compared to the Role-playing aspects of the others.

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